05 Ottobre 2022

Rent a Car Pazzagli

Thanks to our E-bikes you can immerse yourself in the nature, history and traditions of our territory.
Are you not so trained? It doesn’t matter, our pedal assisted E-bike also allow the less experienced and the less physically prepared to live our experiences.

The E-BIKE will allow you to live unforgettable days of fun, culture and nature in a totally GREEN atmosphere.
Each route has been designed to allow you to admire hidden places full of charm, our traditions and our craftsmanship ... all experienced firsthand!!

Each tour includes a pleasant lunch stop, in typical trattorias, where you will have the possibility to taste products of our territory.

We won't leave you alone! To accompany you there will be an ARCHAEOLOGICAL GUIDE and a MOUNTAIN BIKE GUIDE, both certified and expert, ready to answer your questions and make your excursion pleasant.

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escursione ebike naturalistico
Naturalistic tour of the Berignone Reserve

Duration: 5 hours
Number of participants:
MAX 10 people
wednesday at 9:30 from April to October

A "dip" in the nature and countryside of Volterra.

Led by our Mountain Bike Guide, we will ride towards Mazzolla (a small historic village, hamlet of Volterra) and then access the Berignone Nature Reserve.

We will take paths immersed in the forest and thanks to our totally green and low noise impact e-bikes, we could be in close with the fauna characteristic of this area.

The natural reserve extends for about 5340 acres and was once used as the main reserve of timber, that’s why we will have the opportunity to visit ancient woodsheds and ancient houses of the church, such as Castello dei Vescovi.

After breathing in the scents of nature, why not also savor its delights? That's why at the end of our excursion we will head towards Mazzolla for a lunch full of traditions and old flavors at the historic Trattoria Albana.

After a stop where we have recharged our E-bikes and our stomachs, we will cycle along the hilly roads and then return to the starting point of the tour.

per person
Euro 140,00
Tour of the Balze Volterrane

Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: LOW
Number of participants: MAX 10 people
Services: Wine tasting (INCLUDED IN THE PRICE)
Departure: EVERY SATURDAY AT 16:00 from April to October

The delight for our palates….

Thanks to this tour we will have the opportunity to visit Podere Marcampo, a family-run farm that has been producing wines in its cellar for many years.
With Claudia, the owner, we will carry out a guided tour of the winery, in the vineyard owned by the company, ending with a tasting.

We will experience every single phase of processing, from the grapes to the glass, thanks to Claudia who will be able to explain to us every secret that hides the wine and its production.

We will taste the various products that the farm bottles, served with cold cuts and cheese typical of Volterra.

Our Mountain Bike Guide will have the opportunity, along the paths that we will travel to reach the farm, to show us and explain the Balze Volterrane, vertical walls generated by the collapses of the clay soil that create spectacular gullies, overlooked by the ancient Badia Camaldolese.

per person
Euro 95,00
e-bike campagna toscana
interno miniera montecatini val di cecina
Tour of Montecatini V.C. and its mines

5 hours
Difficulty: MEDIUM
Number of participants: MAX 10 people
Departure: EVERY SATURDAY AT 9:30 from April to October

Riding along the rolling hills of our territory, defining curves as if we were painters, after passing through breathtaking landscapes, we will leave Volterra behind us to see Montecatini Val di Cecina rising in front of us.
Once reached the small town we will have the opportunity to visit the ancient and disused Montecatini mine, an ancient mining site used since Etruscan times.
Thanks to the expert guides of the Mining Museum we will experience a spectacular and suggestive visit to the subsoil and the network of ancient galleries.

After our experience at the mine, we’ll visit the historic center of Montecatini, where we will have the pleasure of getting to know Licia, who will host us in his lovely restaurant La Terrazza sul Borgo, which dominates the main square of the center.

After lunch we will get back on saddle of our E-bikes and ride to Volterra, always led by our guides ready to answer all your questions.

per person
Euro 140,00

Tour of the historical and archaeological sites of Volterra

4 hours
Number of participants:
Max 10 people
LUNCH (included in the price)
EVERY THURSDAY AT 9:30 from April to October

It's time to plunge into the history of Volterra!!!

Led by the archaeologist Niccolò, you will have the opportunity to visit the main historical sites of the city and discover all the hidden places that our qualified guide can show you.

We will ride in the heart of the historic center by visiting the churches, the Cathedral of Volterra and the Baptistery. We will reach the "Enrico Fiumi Archaeological Park", the famous Porta all'Arco and the Roman Theater ... along the walls until the Etruscan Tombs and the Church of S. Giusto (Patron Saint of the city).

Niccolò, thanks to his competence and preparation, will be able to tell you the story and every hidden secret of the places we are going to visit.

The tour will end with a lunch stop at Osteria La Pace, a restaurant full of history and tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation since 1939, where you wll taste the products of our land.
After satisfying our palates, we will make the last ride to return to the starting point of the tour

per person
Euro 140,00
A causa delle nuove disposizioni anti-contagio emanate dal Nostro Governo, ci teniamo a precisare che ogni nostro tour nasce di per se con la filosofia di riuscire a godersi le bellezze del nostro territorio in pace e senza sovraffollamenti.

Ribadiamo però che ogni nostra esperienza si svolgerà nel rigido rispetto delle leggi vigenti, mantenendo la distanza interpersonale e verrano distribuiti i DPI ad ogni cliente
Assicurazione su tutte le E-bike
*All our E-Bikes are covered by driver insurance, medical costs and civil liability.
Possibilità di ricarica durante la pausa pranzo
**During the lunch stop you will have the opportunity to recharge the battery of your E-bike.
Personalizzazione tour per ogni richiesta
***Each tour can be customized in every aspect, according to availability.
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