05 Ottobre 2022

Discovering Velathri

code: 100-MM-1 -
specific tour

Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: LOW
Number of participants: Max 10 people
Services: LUNCH (included in the price)
Departure: EVERY THURSDAY AT 9:30 from April to October

It's time to plunge into the history of Volterra!!!

Led by the archaeologist Niccolò, you will have the opportunity to visit the main historical sites of the city and discover all the hidden places that our qualified guide can show you.

We will ride in the heart of the historic center by visiting the churches, the Cathedral of Volterra and the Baptistery. We will reach the "Enrico Fiumi Archaeological Park", the famous Porta all'Arco and the Roman Theater ... along the walls until the Etruscan Tombs and the Church of S. Giusto (Patron Saint of the city).

Niccolò, thanks to his competence and preparation, will be able to tell you the story and every hidden secret of the places we are going to visit.

The tour will end with a lunch stop at Osteria La Pace, a restaurant full of history and tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation since 1939, where you wll taste the products of our land.
After satisfying our palates, we will make the last ride to return to the starting point of the tour

€ 140,00
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